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Vintage Clothing And Retro Treasures


Despite the popularity and much love that vintage clothes receive, there are people out there who are still uncomfortable every time they step into a second-hand clothes store. The racks appear endless – and not in a good way – the air stuffy, and finding that amazing one-of-a-piece clothing item is not a guarantee. However, shopping for vintage clothes is one of the cheapest, eco-friendly and exciting ways to take part in a trend you admire and love. In addition, it also ensures that you can be confident that you will not find that outfit on anyone else – wherever you go. To ease you into the vintage clothing hunt, here are a few tips that can be of tremendous help.

How to Break into Vintage as a Beginner

If vintage dressing is not exactly your forte, do not attempt to go from zero to hero by finding a head-to-toe look. Look for beautiful pieces that you can add into your current wardrobe in a subtle way, and focus your search efforts to a particular item to overcome the intimidation the endless racks may be bringing on. If you have no luck finding what you want in the women’s side of the store, move on to the men’s section! Here, you will find great button-ups, jackets and oversized sweaters. If you need inspiration for a piece, try the five vintage trends for 2017. If you are not yet ready to dive into vintage dressing head first, find brands that create vintage-inspired clothing, the modern twist added may be the thing you need to ease your way into full vintage shopping.

Integrating the Vintage Look into Your Wardrobe

The late 60’s to 90’s vintage dresses are usually zero skin or close dresses that may appear very conservative today. If you want the dress, consider having it repaired and tailored to modern styling by having the sleeves cut off, shortening the hemline in a subtle way or deepening the neckline. This adds a modern touch to an otherwise retro treasure. If the repair will not work, simply accessorize your outfit. Modernize your look by adding chic hats, chunky necklaces, structured bags or modern sunglasses. You can also pair the shade of the accessories to that of the outfit, or stay safe by sticking to neutrals such as khaki, brown and white. Why not be creative and find flying memorabilia at that you can add to the vintage outfit. Adding a belt is also a great way to tame those voluminous and shapeless vintage dresses. However, be careful not to wear wide belts if you are short waisted and have a large bust, as it may cover up your frame.