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Are Fashion Gurus Paying Attention to Seniors?


Fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, and fashion media have to pay attention to the different target markets that they need to appeal to. This raises the question as to whether the senior market is now being paid more attention to.

Indications are that it is and perhaps one of the reasons for this is because the population is aging and the seniors are becoming a much larger target market for manufacturers in many different industries not just the fashion world.

Another concept behind this is that seniors are living much longer than in the past and they are in general more vibrant and retaining their youth. As a result of this they are wanting to continue paying attention to their appearance as they have been used to in the past and this takes them into the fashion scene.

By more seniors being encouraged to stay fit and retain their youth this opens the door for the fashion industry to encourage this by offering attire that is going to be considered fashionable for the era. It is a market that cannot be ignored and it is not likely that it is going to be. Cultural differences may impact this.