Fashion & Trends

Teens and Fashion


One of the biggest markets for clothing manufacturers when it comes to fashion is the teenagers. These are the purchasers that are going to buy what appeals to them and they can be very instrumental in setting a trend.

If the manufacturers are not able to appeal to the teens than they’ve lost a good chunk of the market. They are not an easy group to please as the teens of today have strong opinions as to the way they want to look. If the manufacturing industry cannot meet their needs then they will find ways to dress according to what appeals to them whether it is considered to be fashionable or not.

There is no doubt that teens are heavily influenced by the fashion media and it doesn’t take long for a trend to take off in the school setting. Many schools implement a uniform for the sake of equality and consistency. Otherwise, it is important to encourage teens to develop their own style and to understand that the images the media portrays aren’t always accurate or realistic. It is also important to enforce age appropriate clothing and there are many stores that offer junior departments.