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Fashion Trends Throughout the Years

  “Fashion trends” ( are something that have been going on for many years, almost since manufacturing came into full swing. The 1920s This is an era where fashion really stood out and even in the modern day world many are still aware of what the looks of that time were. The the materials that […]

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Stay in Fashion On a Budget

  Most people believe that it is near impossible to stay totally in fashion unless they have plenty of money to go around. Yet, there are many different steps that can be taken to allow one to still look fashionable without having to blow their entire budget Using your Accessories Keeping up with fashion accessories […]

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Teens and Fashion

  One of the biggest markets for clothing manufacturers when it comes to fashion is the teenagers. These are the purchasers that are going to buy what appeals to them and they can be very instrumental in setting a trend. If the manufacturers are not able to appeal to the teens than they’ve lost a […]

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Are Fashion Gurus Paying Attention to Seniors?

  Fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, and fashion media have to pay attention to the different target markets that they need to appeal to. This raises the question as to whether the senior market is now being paid more attention to. Indications are that it is and perhaps one of the reasons for this is because […]

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Do Men Care About Fashion

  It is generally accepted that a lot of men care more now about their appearance particularly when it comes to fashion. There can be a couple of reasons for this. Some men are beginning to believe that if they are dressed fashionably they are more attractive to women. They feel that the clothing they […]

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